Parachutes is 3 directors: Nicolas Lefaucheux, Thibault de Fournas & Yann Pineill. They met in Penninghen in 2008, where they took the same graphic art courses.

That’s where they discovered video, through animation, and while at first they were competitive with each other, they then decided to work together.

They got their first orders while publishing their student projects online, and they decided to answer as a team.

They founded Parachutes in their last year as students, to regroup all their projects under one name. They graduated from the ESAG in June of 2013 and presented 3 films.

In January of 2014 they moved to the 11th arrondissement in Paris. They have worked for L’Oréal, Chanel, Armani, Sony Music, Tigersushi, Stella Artois, Ed Banger, France Inter…

Parachutes strive to juggle their three passions: graphic art, cinema and music. Ever on the lookout for new narrative techniques, they utilise simple aesthetics which always reinforce the concept.