Who are we?

A+ is a shiny new production company, specialising in content, interactive and promo films.

Built on a heritage of iconic commercials and music videos, our team has spent years collaborating with brands, agencies and artists – and as those years have become increasingly digitally-focused, so our thinking about production has changed.

Though the internet is filled with cute kittens, sneezing pandas, and fainting goats, we strongly believe that quality, inspiring work rises above the rest. Tight deadlines and low budgets are no excuse for shoddy work. You just need to work a bit smarter.

A+ has a fiendishly talented roster of Directors, Creators and Thinkers, and an equally talented pool of specialist collaborators who we call on depending on the project.

We’re not a traditional production company. We offer flexible production to facilitate all sorts of different budgets. Even the really tiny ones.

If you’d like to find out a bit more, give us a ring or drop us an email, facebook message, tweet, text, page, buzz, send a carefully trained carrier pigeon.

How do we work?

1. We’re not greedy. Consultations are always free. So if you’re an agency producer, creative, musician, artist or D.O.P, pick up the phone or pop round for a cup of tea. 

2. ‘Online’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘cheaper than TV,’ but it does mean that we have a little more wiggle room, can think differently about where your money goes, and come up with unexpected solutions.

3. Alas, no sushi-fests at the post-house on a £5K music video. That Satsuma bill could pay for our entire sound session.

4. We’re a bit allergic to the word ‘viral.’ There’s really no rhyme nor reason why some films take off and others don’t. But keep it weird, wonderful, varied, and just a little bonkers… and you never know.

5. If you can point a camera at it and put it on the internet, it’s content.