Lernert, Sander & The Advertising Copy Cats

Lenert & Sander’s work has always been a visual spectacle with innovative quirks that of course caught the eye of the advertising industry but not all attention has been good attention. They have been victims of big brands blatantly stealing their ideas and visual style, companies such as Ray-Ban, Expresso and Sony. For creatives such as Lenert & Sander it is next to impossible to go up against brands such as these to make a case but they do not blame those who plagarise. They empathise with the struggle of being creative, as Lenert says regarding the advertising industry: “Let’s cut them a little bit of slack. Maybe they don’t understand the difficulty of presenting great work in mood boards and forgetting that they get stuck with that. That’s something that I think we’re all together in – I think we need to rekindle that. Maybe when you present something as a mood board…” To say imitation is the best form of flattery can sometimes be the case but Lenert & Sander feel the advertising industry after decades still never change in regards to plagiarism but they are optimistic about the future saying “we’d like to take copying and change it into something positive.”

A+ Sign Isaac Ravishankara

Academy/A+ are delighted to welcome Isaac Ravishankara to the roster.  Isaac loves working with alternative choreography and brings a cinematic vision and often humorous lightness of touch to his music videos. He has many Vimeo Staff Picks and won awards at Camera Image.

With a continuing passion for film and education, in 2011 he founded the non-profit "OMG Cameras Everywhere" - an organisation focused on arts education for kids that has now spread to the UK and beyond. His most recent work includes commercials for Jockey and Converse. We are delighted to have him a part of our family. 


FKA Twigs, as Creative Director of NikeWomen’s Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign, has created a striking film focusing on the power of athleticism and creativity in all its various, distinctive forms. Having directed, soundtracked and performed in the campaign, Twigs powerfully grounds her ideas about the importance of ambition, preparation and boundary-crossing in the campaign’s tagline ‘do you believe in more’. From developing the concept to creating the stills for the campaign, FKA Twigs has focused on the agility of young dancers as athletes, she hopes to ‘inspire people to use their bodies in a positive way.’ The film, showcasing the strength of individuality and creativity, also communicates the power of working together, as the cast is united by tribal-style choreography among the wildness of their locations on the outskirts of Mexico City through The Lift Mx.
Styling was by Michael Josephs with make up by Kabuki and Hair by Soichi Inagaki. The spot was lit by Rina Yang, edited by Jamie Foord at RPS LA, Colour by H at MPC and Post through ETC London.

Leaving - Feel Good Lost’s debut photography exhibition

Leaving is the debut photography exhibition of Irish filmmaker Brendan Canty (A.K.A Feel Good Lost). Exhibiting the work in Homebeat's Thirty Four cafe in Dublin, Leaving is a series of surreal and cinematic landscape photography centred around the theme of Leaving. "Nothing evokes emotion in this world more than leaving. It's beyond powerful. Through landscape photography I've tried to explore and capture some of the feelings that we experience when somebody leaves or when we ourselves leave - be it anger, isolation, happiness, sadness, freedom, hope etc." 

The exhibition opens on the 12th December and runs until the 22nd.

Introducing Nick Walker

A+ is very excited to announce our latest signing, Nick Walker. Nick is a Los-Angeles based director and photographer who specialises in creating work that is both beautiful and absurd. He has worked with publications such as Elle Magazine, L’Officiel, and Jalouse, and collaborated with brands ranging from Nike to BCBG. On top of this Nick has directed videos for FKA twigs, Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. 

Click here to view Nick’s reel and full biography.