A+ Sign Ethan Graham

We at A+ are very excited to announce our latest signing. Growing up in the North East of England, Ethan always had a passion for telling stories about human nature. Since graduating University he has developed a strong cinematic eye which brings out engaging performances against dynamic backdrops. 

We look forward to the beautiful work we plan to make with him. Welcome Ethan. 

KWAYE Is One of the Greatest Artists You Haven’t Heard of Yet


Billy Boyd Cape’s second collaboration with KWAYE has been released today on Noisey. The video is a coming-of-self story in which KWAYE encounters characters who represent different parts of his past who have felt constrained or repressed. From beginning to end, we see the transformation and rebirth of KWAYE as someone who is breaking loose from the boundaries of containment, to someone in control and finally empowered with self-worth. 

Watch this space for more from this great collaboration. 

Niall O’Brien’s "Porn Hurts Everyone” Photography Book

Academy filmmaker & photographer Niall O'Brien will release Porn Hurts Everyone, an intimate and unobtrusive look at people living across the stretches of America's Northwest. Bound together by the unpredictable course of a road trip he took through those regions, Niall's images display a striking naturalism that's richly exhibited elsewhere in his work. The timeliness of Porn Hurt's Everyone's publication was unintentional, but perhaps because of this, Niall's shots manage to cut an unguarded story of individuality, humanity and character out of the broad strokes of today's political narrative. 

Porn Hurts Everyone is released worldwide on May 2nd 2017. The book is available at select bookstores globally and online at www.niallobrien.co.uk/sales/

Introducing Billy Boyd Cape

A+ is very excited to announce our latest signing, Billy Boyd Cape.

Billy’s passion for filmmaking started as a teenager when he started photographing and filming musicians of all sorts, from Pendulum, Pussy Riot to FKA Twigs,. He studied at Bournemouth Film School but spent most of his time back in London collaborating with classmates and directing music videos. He quickly took off, garnering millions of views by making several commercially successful videos for Top 40 artists such as Jakwob and Mr. Hudson.

His personal project A Wander Through Hong Kong got him his first Vimeo staff pick and his short film More Hate Than Fear has been nominated for awards at Camerimage and the Royal Television Society.
Most recently he’s been collaborating with the fresh genre-bending artist, Kwaye from LA record label Mind of Genius.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what he’s up to next as we look forward to creating some amazing work with him. Welcome Billy. 

This is what you get

This week, Pitchfork's senior editor, Ryan Dombal, celebrates the subtle radicalism of Radiohead's iconic music videos, singling out Jonathan Glazer's 'Karma Police' as the timeless embodiment of their unique sound and image. Dombal sees in Glazer's work a significance that stretches beyond it's own provocative power and suggestive ambiguity, to help 'turn an inherently craven medium into something genuinely inventive.' Follow the link below to read his conversation with those involved in the shoot - the band, their video commissioner, and Jon himself - as they recall that process, with all its challenges and moments of discovery.