FKA Twigs, as Creative Director of NikeWomen’s Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign, has created a striking film focusing on the power of athleticism and creativity in all its various, distinctive forms. Having directed, soundtracked and performed in the campaign, Twigs powerfully grounds her ideas about the importance of ambition, preparation and boundary-crossing in the campaign’s tagline ‘do you believe in more’. From developing the concept to creating the stills for the campaign, FKA Twigs has focused on the agility of young dancers as athletes, she hopes to ‘inspire people to use their bodies in a positive way.’ The film, showcasing the strength of individuality and creativity, also communicates the power of working together, as the cast is united by tribal-style choreography among the wildness of their locations on the outskirts of Mexico City through The Lift Mx.
Styling was by Michael Josephs with make up by Kabuki and Hair by Soichi Inagaki. The spot was lit by Rina Yang, edited by Jamie Foord at RPS LA, Colour by H at MPC and Post through ETC London.