Brendan Canty Co-Directs latest Talos video with Artist Kevin McGloughlin

Brendan’s strong relationship with the band has helped them both to progress over several videos with visuals that have become more and more abstract. Throughout the album they have tried to push themselves out of their comfort zones and became obsessed with the idea of breaking apart things that are structured and letting them descend into mayhem.

This video in a way is the perfect end to that journey into creative madness. They started out with just one static tripod shot and challenged themselves to see how far they could take it. Brendan then brought on the incredible talent that is Kevin McGloughlin to co-direct it with him. Brendan shot visuals and textures of the landscapes, which Kevin then painstakingly overlayed with animations. It was a perfect collaboration and one that they should be incredibly proud of. Click the link below to check out this mind bending video.