A+ sign Nadia Lee Cohen

A+ are very excited to announce our latest signing, Nadia Lee Cohen. 

Nadia is a photographer, filmmaker and self-portrait artist. Heavily inspired by cinema, Americana and Britain particularly in in the 1960’s and 70’s, her photographs and films are veritable visions of saturated, surreal dreamscapes.

Drawing upon the duality of the female form, fine art photographer and filmmaker Nadia locks our optics upon the twisted paradise that lurks within her mind, exploring the paradoxical standoff between strength and fragility within womankind.

Nadia has worked with some of the worlds most exciting brands and artists, from Miu Miu to A$AP Rocky.  She has been interviewed by Canal+ and Vogue, and her work featured in I-D Magazine, Vice, New York Magazine, Indie and many others.

Click here to watch her reel. 

FKA twigs launches the first Instagram-only magazine

FKA twigs has launched the first Instagram-only magazine, AVANT-garden. Describing the ‘digi-zine’ as "part magic, part memoir," the first issue "ROOTS. SHOCK. BEAUTY." is dedicated to the creativity and heritage of braided hairstyles. Invoking a bold and colourful aesthetic, reminiscent of DIY zines, the inaugural issue pays homage to natural black beauty, referencing the imagery seen in traditional black barbershops. Designed specifically to be read on Instagram using the new ‘carousel’ feature as a way to upload the ten page publication, FKA twigs has teamed up with a host of friends and long-time collaborators, including editor Suzannah Pettigrew, stylist Matthew Joseph, and hair stylist Rio Sreedharan. According to twigs, the magazine is a way to express herself "without any rules or guidelines, with imagination and care,” with the idea behind its format being that “it would be much more impactful to create something like this, rather than to put out a picture with some words underneath it, or re-tweet something,” in the hope that it would spark conversation. AVANT-garden was released on Friday October 13th, and can be viewed on FKA twigs’s Instagram.

Brendan Canty Co-Directs latest Talos video with Artist Kevin McGloughlin

Brendan’s strong relationship with the band has helped them both to progress over several videos with visuals that have become more and more abstract. Throughout the album they have tried to push themselves out of their comfort zones and became obsessed with the idea of breaking apart things that are structured and letting them descend into mayhem.

This video in a way is the perfect end to that journey into creative madness. They started out with just one static tripod shot and challenged themselves to see how far they could take it. Brendan then brought on the incredible talent that is Kevin McGloughlin to co-direct it with him. Brendan shot visuals and textures of the landscapes, which Kevin then painstakingly overlayed with animations. It was a perfect collaboration and one that they should be incredibly proud of. Click the link below to check out this mind bending video.  


Brendan Canty Wins Gold At Kinsale Sharks

Congratulations to A+ director Brendan Canty for taking home 3 Gold Kinsale Shark Awards last Thursday. Brendan was awarded Best Direction Ireland & Best Music Video Ireland for Talos’ ‘Reborn’, and Best Short Film Ireland for ‘For You’.

You can watch the winning video for Talos here.

A+ signs Creative Collective Another Space

Directors, innovators and creative technologists; Another Space join A+

Another Space is a creative studio established by United Visual Artists (UVA), focusing on working with brands and performing artists. Their aim is to create experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds, connecting with audiences on a deep emotional level.  A unique and pioneering aesthetic has given them the opportunity to create a hugely diverse body of work from music videos, commercials, tour visuals and interactive installations.

Their celebrated productions include collaborations with some of the world’s most revered artists including: Jay Z, James Blake, Massive Attack, Coldplay and U2, together with some of the world's most prestigious brands including: Nike, Google, Hermes, Y3, Selfridges, Cartier, Samsung, Sprint and BMW.

Click here to view their reel.