FKA Twigs directs online film for Google Glass 2

FKA Twigs directs online film for Google Glass

Marking the 3rd collaboration between FKA twigs and Academy Plus, the polymath directs and performs in this piece for Google Glass. Featuring the track Video Girl from the recent Mercury nominated EP and an unreleased forthcoming track 'Glass of Patron'. Google via Anomaly NY issued Twigs with the challenge to come up with a piece of film which featured and incorporated the Glass device, working with star choreographer Ryan Heffington (Sia 'Chandelier') twigs created a dance piece acknowledging the references and inspirations she uses in her work. This all playing out in the wonderfully weird & sexy world which FKA twigs inhabits.  

Peter Cattaneo's Rugby Game Of Thrones for the World Cup 1

Peter Cattaneo's Rugby Game Of Thrones for the World Cup

A stellar performance from Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance, who spearheads the campaign to launch the Rugby World Cup 2015 - The film uses Dance's Game of Thrones credentials (and his love of Rugby) to give the pep-talk of the ages to the entire Rugby World Cup team, from the Players to the managers, to the Pitchfork-Wielding groundskeepers. Peter Cattaneo carefully walks the line between humour and heartfelt sentiment, navigating the fact that very few of the featured cast were actually in the same place at the same time. Shot by Ben Fordesman and produced by Juliette Harris the film will be seeded heavily online as well as TV spots in conjunction with the launch of the games. See film here

Nadia collaborates with Fred Perry & Bella Freud 1

Nadia collaborates with Fred Perry & Bella Freud

Nadia Marquard-Otzen Collaborates with designer (& Great-Granddaughter of Sigmund daughter of Lucien) Bella Freud for her upcoming collaboration with Fred Perry. The film features model-du-jour Adwoa Aboah and takes it's inspiration from London/Jamaican Dancehall culture it feature's the track Girlie Girlie, Originally made popular in 1985 by Sophia George.  Nadia worked closely with Bella to create a fun carefree way in which to show off the collection beyond a traditional cat-walk show, keeping the original inspiration for the pieces running throughout. See the full feature and film on Dazed

Quadrophenia: Live In London by Chris Rule 2

Quadrophenia: Live In London by Chris Rule

In July of 2013, the WHO performed QUADROPHENIA live in its entirety at Wembley Arena. The DVD was released earlier this year to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the band.

The filming of the performance was directed by our very own Chris Rule, 1/2 of Conkerco who was also involved in creating the on-stage visuals and their integration into the film, Collaborating with Roger Daltrey to create an intimate portrayal of the band. The Times Record refers to is as "the best-shot DVD of The Who so far" and esquire describes it as "indeed as intimate as arena rock can get". The visuals of the show were conceived by Daltrey, Rule and a host of collaborators using screens to tell a story of british life  through imagery as diverse as the 2nd world war to the poll tax riots. A compelling way to give an entire new layer to the Quadrophenia story using a distinctly filmic approach to elevate traditional live-event filming .

Shot on Alexa and edited at Assembly Rooms, the DVD reflects the story by blending the screen footage seamlessly into the body of the live performances. Post production was at The Farm and Cherry Cherry.

The DVD was released as a specialist package with additional 'greatest hits' section and full liner notes plus audio recordings from the concerts

Mica Levi performs live orchestra version of Under The Skin 1

Mica Levi performs live orchestra version of Under The Skin

Mica Levi last night performed a live orchestra rendition of the Soundtrack to Jon Glazer's Under The Skin, the screening and performance took place at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Southbank's Meltdown Festival curated by James Lavelle.